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Weight loss on your mind?

Build that habit and lose weight naturally to gain health & confidence.

weight loss

join the Journey of your lifetime

No Big Time Effort

Our methodology is but a habit. You do not have to spend hours exercising. You are provided a diet plan for your body type, you are required only to build you eating habit.

How much does it cost

If you can spare 10 bucks a day (most people spend more smoking), we will send you a plan, each day for 100 days . I hope that is not too high an ask for a healthier you.

How long will it take

Look, our plans are aimed at weight maintenance after the weight loss. Six months of rigorously following the plan will show a clear difference. The more the better.

So what do you eat

There will be no major changes - only a planned approach to your regaining a fitter you. Most of the foods we recommend are made with common ingredients.

What's the validity

This is not a subscription. You get to use the plan for a lifetime. So get it once and commit to build that habit of sticking to it. We know it works.

Where is the training

We'll come home 🙂 Our plans will be emailed to you every day and all you need to do is stay at the comfort of your home and build that life-changing habit.

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